The "Young Researchers in Europe" conference is an initiative of the French ministry for Higher Education and Research on the occasion of the French presidency of European union.
This initiative relies on the Scientific Committee expertise and on the logistic competence of Egide (Christèle Brettes - French presidency officer).


Scientific Committee

French Ministry for Higher Education and Research
European commission/ DG Research
Massimo Serpieri, Policy officer
European University Association (EUA)
Lidia Borrell Damian, Senior programme manager
National Contact Point - FP7
Stéphane Aymard, NCP « Mobility »
Darius Köster, French delegate
Alfred Kestler Foundation for researchers mobility (Fnak)
Antony Mauvais, Director

International University Estate of Paris (CIUP)

Véronique Gillet-Didier, mobility desk Director
European University of Britanny (UEB PRES)
Maurice Baslé, International Vice-president
Regional Delegate for Research and Technology
Jean-Marie Haussonne, delegate for Britanny
Confédération Des Jeunes Chercheurs (CJC)
Hélène Storez, Europe Vice-président
Bernard Grégory association (ABG)
René-Luc Bénichou, Information and communication manager









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