Programme for the conference  Young Researchers in Europe 

opening session « Towards an implementation of the European Partnership for researchers »
Welcome speech by Daniel Delaveau(Mayor of Rennes and President of Rennes Metropolis) and André Lespagnol (Vice-president of the Regional Council)
Gilles Bloch (General Director for research and innovation, French ministry of Higher education and Research)
State members' innovations for a European Strategy of human resources
Janez Potocnik (European Commissioner)
Video message
The pioneers of the European Human Resources Strategy in research
Commitment of the institutions
10h15            Coffee break – access to the forum
Introduction by T. Lennon (European Commission / DG Research)
Round-table: Young researchers in Europe, which careers for tomorrow?
Feedbacks and learnings: "The international experience: a reversible mobility!"
Chair :   Irina Veretennicoff (Vreije Universiteit Brussel)
Frank Heemskerk (RIMS bvba)
Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA Rennes)  
Dagmar Meyer (NCP mobility in Ireland)
Wei Shen (ESSCA graduate school of management)
Présentation of the workshops
12h30            Lunch at the Astrolab university restaurant, Campus Beaulieu

14h00 – 17h30                            Thematic workshops - parallel sessions
Workshop 1 « Development of the new skills for researchers »
New skills sought in Academia - Training on intellectual property - Strengthening collaborations between universities & other economic sectors - Development of lifelong training
Chair :   Jean Chambaz (Pierre & Marie Curie University)
Lidia Borrell-Damian (European University Association) Doc-Careers I main conclusions
Noël Campling (European Patent Academy) Training on intellectual property
George Bingen (European Commission/ DG Research) To a lifelong learning in Europe?
Stéphane Demarquette (L'Oréal) Employability of doctors
Workshop 2 « Towards an European career for researchers »
Recruitments' opening and transparency: the role of the Euraxess Portal - Mobility strategies and impacts on careers - New scientific careers: evolution of the typical paths in Europe - « Mentoring » experiences
Chair :    Hans Borchgrevink (Research Council of Norway)
Ulrike Albrecht (Von Humboldt Foundation) Bridges between careers in academia and the private sector
Göran Melin (Swedish Ministry of education) Towards a modernised academic career structure: An attempt to combine strengthened individual employment with greater freedom for universities
Janet Metcalfe (Vitae) The UK approach to developing researchers' careers: the UK Concordat and Vitae
Hervé Moulinier (Thalès) Researchers' careers in an European company
Workshop 3 « How to promote human resources policies of the institutions »
Implementation of the European Charter and Code by the institutions - The evaluation of human resources' policies - Human resources' policy as a factor of attractiveness for institutions
Chair :    Renate Fischer (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung)
Fulvio Esposito (Rector University of Camerino) University of Camerino's policy 
Christian Carter (University of Bristol)  HR' strategy of the University of Bristol
Jean-Pierre Gesson (Conference of the Presidents of Universities)  C&C principles in French universities
Workshop 4 « Mobility and attractiveness of the European Research Area »
Working conditions and wages in Europe - Coordination of researchers' social security schemes - Portability of fundings - General conditions of assisting researchers and their family
Chair :    Frederico G. Carvalho (World Federation of Scientific Workers)
Maurice Baslé (European University of Brittany) Attractivity and assistance by an EURAXESS Services centre
Conor O'Carroll (Irish University Association) Researchers without borders
Jean-Philippe Lhernould (University of Poitiers) The expert group proposals for the researchers labour market within the ERA
Isabelle Gaudeul-Ehrhart (CE - DG Emploi et Affaires Sociales) Coordination of social security schemes
19h00            Cocktail at the City Hall of Rennes  
20h30            Visit of the Champs Libres and dinner

9h00                                                   Forum for practical information and exchanges
Pole 1: Materialize career objectives
Prepare a job in the private sector by S. Pellegrin, F. Heuel (Association Bernard Grégory)
Helping career development (CE - euraxess - researchers in motion)
stand, K. Fehringer, S. Bettini
Contributing to European common research (CE - Centre Commun de Recherche)
stand, P. Lambert
Prepare entering the French labour market: the bachelors’ week (Association for EO/CEO employment-APEC) stand, MC. Portut, JC. Heriche, B. Hébert
Pole 2: Funding and supporting the European mobility
How to get a Marie Curie fundingby B. Arano (CE – DG Research)
Discover Marie Curie actions (CE – DG Research)
stand, D. Pina, S. Jones
How important are universities for mobile careers? (European University of Brittany)
stand, M. Drissi, N. Bourgougnon, J. Lefeuvre
Discover regional actions for research in Europe (regional authorities)
stand, G. Lebrun, C. Racault, P. Greslier
Pole 3: To be a researcher in Europe tomorrow
Improve your awareness of the Charter and Code principles by C. O'Carroll (Irish University Association)
Evolution of the young researchers' status (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research)
stand, M. Caron, S. Néauport, S. Aymard
The European council of young researchers(Eurodoc)
stand, J. Holecek, S. Kurz, H. Storez
The Council for doctoral education (European University Association)
stand, T. Jorgensen, L. Borrell-Damian
11h00                                                Closing session
Jean-Yves Le Drian (President of the Regional Council of Brittany)  
Attractiveness, skills and mobility of researchers in Europe: Regions go for intelligence
Karoline Höllander (Présidente d’Eurodoc)
Doctorates: actors of how globalization challenges Europe
Lidia Borrell-Damian (European University Association) 
Challenges and main issues of the European higher education and research area for universities 
Summary of the workshops by Stefaan Hermans (European Commission/ DG Research)
Rapporteurs : Gerlind Wallon (European Molecular Biology Organization), Maria-Cristina Pedicchio (University of Trieste), Johanna Ziberi (Swiss Rectors Conference), Simon Roberts (University of Nottingham)
Pierre Pribetich (Europarl)
The Europarl support to the European partnership for researchers
Partenarial closing remarks by T. Lennon (European Commission) and Alain Miossec (Rector of Rennes, Regional Education Authority)
13h00            Closing cocktail at the Diapason, Campus Beaulieu
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