12-31-2008 - With around 400 participants, of 53 nationalities and counting 40% of young researchers, the conference has been the occasion for fruitful debates among the relevant stakeholders, giving raise to propositions of common actions based on the priority lines proposed in the European Partnership for researchers . The reflexions on the implementation of a status that would assure researchers of a real social recognition and a satisfactory standard of living progressed thanks to these discussions. The results have been presented during the Competitiveness Council of December 2, 2008 when addressing the Partnership.


The French Presidency of the European Union is organising the “Young Researchers in Europe” conference, to be held in Rennes on November 20th and 21st, 2008.

Setting up a “partnership” 1 for a more open and attractive European Area for Research will be discussed at the conference. The objective is to further research careers and increase mobility of researchers, particularly the young.

Today, only 3% of European researchers have worked in a European Union country other than their own, for more than a short period. Encouraging the circulation of researchers and knowledge involves overcoming current obstacles by:

  • opening more international recruitments,
  • meeting the needs of mobile researchers, notably as regards social coverage,
  • establishing equitable employment and working conditions,
  • ensuring ongoing training adapted to the skills of researchers.


The conference will be an opportunity for all European partners to meet, exchange views and ideas, compare good practices and produce innovative proposals, leading to concrete initiatives as regards mobility of researchers and circulation of knowledge.


1 This European partnership is an initiative put forward by the Commission, in May 2008


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