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Date de publication du document : 00/06/2010
Date de saisie : 27/07/2010
Date de mise à jour : 17/03/2011
Critical raw materials for the EU - Report of the Ad-hoc Working Group on defining critical raw materials
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This report analyses a selection of 41 minerals and metals. In line with other studies, the report puts forward a relative concept of criticality. This means that raw material is labelled “critical” when the risks of supply shortage and their impacts on the economy are higher compared with most of the other raw materials. Two types of risks are considered: a) the "supply risk" taking into account the political-economic stability of the producing countries, the level of concentration of production, the potential for substitution and the recycling rate; and b) the "environmental country risk" assessing the risks that measures might be taken by countries with weak environmental performance in order to protect the environment and, in doing so, endanger the supply of raw materials to the EU. Building on existing approaches, this report sets out an innovative and pragmatic approach to determining criticality.

Type de document : Rapport
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Mots clés : Matière première ; approvisionnement ; production ; recyclage ; groupe de travail ; terre rare ; minerai ; antimoine ; beryllium ; cobalt ; gallium ; germanium ; graphite ; fluorspar ; lanthanide
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